Dispatch Services

Sns Freight offers an integrated shipping service looking for the best loads of the market under its own authority MC And DOT, with us will always be a step forward, we will always have their trucks with loads, our team of dispatchers negotiates the best paid loads in the market. market, we offer all kinds of loads, dry, refrigerated and flat bed.

We work with more than 300 clients in the 48 states, this gives us access to the best clients and brokers in the transportation industry in the United States, we do not do forced dispatch, you have the last decision to take the load, we have bilingual staff English and Spanish.

Our professionals will always keep you informed where your truck is and which are the states where you are paying the most.

We have bilingual personalized attention in English and Spanish.

  • Without Contracts
  • No hidden charges
  • Without cuts in loads

Dispatch Standard

In this service we charge 4% of the total billing of your cargo, we take care of the following daily operations of your company:

  • Dispatch 24/7
  • Negotiate and get the best loads with our customers and brokers to have the best price per mile.
  • Coordinate with the drivers the collection and delivery of products

Dispatch Full

En este servicio cobramos el 7% del total de la facturación de su carga, nosotros nos encargamos de todas las operaciones diarias de su compañía como ser:

  • Despacho 24/7
  • Negociar con los clientes y corredores y conseguirle cargas nuestro objetivo es tener el mayor pago por milla.
  • Coordinar con los chóferes los recojo y entrega de productos
  • Billing, enviar las facturas a la facturadora para que pueda tener su pago lo mas pronto posible directamente en su cuenta bancaria.
  • Adelantos de pagos de cargas con los corredores que cuentan con T-cheks
  • Safety ayudamos a tener un buen record de su compañía con el DOT.
  • Servicios de carretera ante cualquier rotura o problema que tenga su camion.

To qualify for our Dispatch Services you must have the following:

  • Form W9
  • Drivers information such as:
    • License number
    • Complete names
  • MC Letter (Authority Letter)
  • Proof of insurance (Liability & Cargo)
  • Corporate Documents

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