Investment services

For US Investors or foreign Investors who wish to get in to the transportation business and have their own business in the huge transportation industry in America, we can help and guide you in the process.
There is something important to keep in mind for this type of project and it is that you are investing in your own company and in your own truck fleet to be an affiliated carrier in our company as a Truck Owner, we move a good amount of shipments with our customers in all the 48 states.
Sounds complicated? Do not worry, we have an exclusive operations department that will help you to grow and increase the profitability of your trucking company.
Our biggest advantage is that our company owns most of the fleets of trucks, which allows us to have a better understanding and knowledge of our carriers in the business. We have dispatchers that negotiate shipments daily so you can keep your trucks moving and producing. We have people in security, accounting and administration, which is a good step ahead specially because you reduce the time/cost of having to do this by yourself, since the DOT performs audits once a year, we make sure that everything is in order and clean.
We have offices and mechanics; we know that your money worth so we focus on starting as soon as possible so your company starts earning as soon as possible when your truck starts to ROLL.
We have extensive relationships with the best truck and trailer dealers in the country. We can assist with the maintenance care and assistance on the road, if it is required.
PLEASE KNOW THAT… We prefer to work with Freighliner trucks that have Detroit or Cummins engines.
You can join the business with an inversion around $ 65,000 for your first truck, this includes your cargo truck, dry trailer, corporation, permits, controls, truck and DOT inspections, safety GPS and everything you need to get your truck started working.
If you already have a unit and would like to add more trucks, the approximate investment is $ 60,000, this includes; Cargo truck, dry trailer, checks, inspection of DOT trucks and GPS.

Let SNS help you out

  • Company Incorporation LLC
  • Registration and take out DOT and MC number
  • Registration Permits K.Y, NM, OR
  • Factoring Fee
  • Purchase of truck
  • Buy trailer
  • Truck plates
  • Trailer plates
  • Ifta
  • Truck inspection
  • Inspection trailer
  • DOT inspections
  • GPS installation
  • Posters
  • Ez pass pre pass
  • Go to Route