Services for Owner Operators

Depending on what equipment you have, you can work with us in one of the following ways.

If you only have a truck SNS Freight offers you the Insurance and the Trailer:

  • OTR: 75% of gross revenue
  • Regional: 72% of gross income
  • Insurance is FREE

If you only have a truck & trailer, SNS Freight offers you the Insurance:

  • OTR / Local: 82% of gross revenue
  • Insurance is FREE

If you have a truck trailer & insurance SNS Freight offers you:

  • OTR: 89% of gross revenue
  • Regional: 88% of gross revenues

Available Services

Regardless of what type of work you choose with SNS Freight, you will always have these services at your disposal:

  • Dispatch 24/7
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Loads delivered on Wednesday are paid on Monday
  • Weekly balances
  • Direct deposit
  • 100% fuel cards (EFS fuel discount program)
  • There is no forced shipment
  • Load without contact
  • Advance in cash
  • Long runs: east-west, north-south, mid-west

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