Inland Transportation

SNS FREIGHT LLC works directly with many Vendors or direct customers we help your business grow providing the land transportation for DRY/TEMP. CONTROL /FLATBED shipments, we have a special interest in keeping our trucks rolling and our drivers busy, this good relationship with our drivers allow us get access to nation wide coverage with the SNS NETWORK. Ask for a quote and we will be glad to assist.

land transport

  • Dry Van 53’ Trailer

    We have 53’ Van trailers with swing doors, straps, load locks, truck has GPS tracking, internet access + experienced drivers that can guarantee your shipment arrives on time for your customers. We can provide the land transportation for ….

    • Dry Goods, Haz and Non Hazardous,
    • Tanker endorse (If needed)
    • Overweight permits,
    • Expedite delivery
  • Reefer 53’ Trailer

    Some products are temperature sensitive and require temperature controlled shipping, we can assure the safe transportation of all type of goods that require this temperature monitoring, we can provide reefer transportation with Full Truck Loads, we have experience dealing with the Storage warehouses as well, to guarantee a timely and safe transport for your products

  • Flatbed

    The transportation of over dimensioned cargo or machinery requires the transport in Flat-bed trailers or Low boys and all the other Flat Bed variations, we have Flatbed drivers that will guarantee that your cargo is safe and well tarp if required so it arrives to the destination on time and safe.